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Cool Bike Tips from Bellary

Oil Care Tips From Bellary Honda Showroom


For the smooth functioning of your bike it is important to check the oil regularly. Oil maintenance improves the overall bike performance. Moreover, it helps to keep the bike cool. Irrespective of whether coolant or air cooled methods are used. At high speed heat is generated and your safety can be compromised if the coolant levels are not checked. Lubricants like motor oil can reduce the heat generated. Engine oil is responsible for maintaining the temperature in the vehicle. When the temperature is above normal, the lubrication does not reach different components of the engine. For this purpose it is best to invests in good quality oil cooler.

The oil passes through the coil cooling the vehicle. The oil moves through the tube coolers and fin, controlling the heat generation. The components in the bike need lubrication and motor oil is the right means to keep your engine function optimally. The oil cooler should be of high quality making it a wise investment option. The oil cooler helps to cool the motor oil moving through the coils. The heat from the engine is diverted to external finds allowing air to flow thereby dispersing the heat allowing the engine to cool. The engine temperature is at the safest levels with oil cooler.

The Benefits Of Upgrading Air Cooler-by Nandi Honda

Cool air helps to maintain the temperature in the bike. For this purpose heat exchangers are place strategically behind the fans. The oil flows through the fins even while the fan is not running. When the temperature is over 220 degree F the fan will blow air. The oil temperature will be lowered drastically to stabilize the temperature inside. Moreover, it eliminates noise from the moving parts; it keeps the functioning of the fan quiet.

The air from the fans will blow till the oil temperature is below 190 degree F. Irrespective of whether the bike is moving or still the oil maintains the temperature in the vehicle. There will be no feeling of air blasting as the air displaces under the vehicle. There are other benefits of oil cooler and this includes leaving the temperature at a satisfactory level. It signals if the engine is compromised and improves the performance of the vehicle. Investing in this upgrade can be beneficial to the motorcycle owners.

Installing air cooler is simple; all the steps have to be taken as recommended by the manufacturer. Before installing the cooler, you need to start the motorcycle and leave it idling for a while. Then switch off the engine to check for oil leaks. If there are no oil leaks then you bike is ready for a spin. Ride a few miles and then check for leaks again. Finally check on the hex bolt found near the perimeter of the oil filter.

Some Of The Most Viable Tips To Keep Your Bike In Top Condition


Vehicle maintenance is crucial for the smooth performance and optimum operation. Bike consists of many moving and immovable parts. If you are planning a long ride, bike maintenance is part of the deal. There are many factors that contribute to the malfunctioning of a bike, it is important to identify the problem and set things right before planning a long trip. Ensure the bike parts are in good condition. We,Nandi Honda are the best Honda bike dealers in Bellary offering service tips too for every bike maintenance issue. Honda dealer in Bellary -Nandi Honda allow you to rely on the best oil cooler to improve the performance of the vehicle.

How to clean contaminated fluid

In all automatic transmission you can find cellulose paper lined plates named frictions or clutches. The clutch is used to move or stop and comes with different components in the gearbox. The friction is applied when the shifter is positioned in the reverse. The clutch plate is a delicate material that is set on the steel skeleton. The paper is pasted to the plate and it has all the strength and substance. The material is attached to make it stronger so that it lasts for a longer duration under any operating circumstances.

The clutch is Hygroscopic meaning the clutch is exposed to moisture. The moisture easily reaches the steel plates allowing it to rust and the glue breaks down separating the plate and the paper. There are three possibilities for water to make an entry into the transmission and this can be through the radiator, when exposed to stagnant or running water particularly while driving through puddles and moisture entry via dipstick while cleaning the engine.

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