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Interesting Decals & Decors for Bikes-Ideas from Bellary

A Comprehensive Guide To Decals And Bike Decors  

Bike accessories are a growing industry with bike owner looking for ways to accessorize their motorcycles with stickers and decals. Honda motorcycle Bellary showroom has a wide range of decals for your bikes. Call best selling motorcycle brand to know more about the decal varieties and installation process. Before getting into the different types of bike decors it is important to understand the difference between decals and stickers. The two are used interchangeable often. It could be confusing for the bike owner. A sticker is defined as a plastic or paper with adhesive at the rear to attach it to any surface with ease. Stickers can be attached to any surface, it is a single solid piece. Decals can be defined as specially prepared piece of paper with design or images that are transferred on metal, glass or wood. Decals are also stickers but are designed on special paper to transfer it to any surface. The decals come with transfer paper, a third layer that helps to get the decal on the right spot.

Bikes get scratches and dents over a period of time and graphic kits can help cover the damage making your bike look as good as new all the time. While purchasing a graphic kit there are some factors to consider. First check if the stuff is free of defects. The plastic needs a close inspection for any imperfections. If you find any be quick to replace it. Before applying on your bike make sure you have the best plastic and it is in perfect condition.


The Best Honda Dealer in Bellary Decal Installation Tips


Some of the items needed for graphic installation are adhesive paper tape, heat gun, paper knife, alcohol water mixture and squeegee. Before starting, wash your hands clean and prepare the surface by removing any dirt or grease. This may loosen the stickiness on the graphics paper. Similarly prepare the bike surface. If you have already installed graphics on your bike make sure you remove them without leaving any residue. Before applying a new sticker warm up the bike. A thin layer of lacquer needs to be applied on the decal. You can protect the frame by covering it using a masking tape ahead of spraying it with lacquer.

Honda Bellary graphics installation process


The decal graphics can be placed on the exact location and be taped. The will hold it firmly. Uses the tape lavishly to ensure there is no movement of the decal graphics. Now remove the backing paper till the middle of the decal. The peeled part can be cut off and the alignment needs to be checked. With the help of your finger work out the graphics in small sections. This can be done with your thumb or a squeegee. Apply pressure uniformly to remove any wrinkles or bubbles. Later you can clear deformities if any. If you still find air bubbles you can use a fine needle to clear it. Or move the bubbles to the end and clear all the wrinkles. The lacquer is allowed to dry and your bike is ready for the road trip.

Heat gun can come handy of your decals have sharp curves. A little heat can get the decals in shape. Any excessive paper work can be cut. Now it is time to cover the access holes and vent slits.

Types of bike decals

Bike decals can be divided into different types depending on the purpose. They can be classified as:

Decorative decals: These can be customized to met the taste of the owner from flowers, pet animals, strips to other images. These are pleasant on the eye and are streamlined. The decals are easy to match the interest and personality of the owner.

Utility decals: There are different varieties under this category, they include reflective and protective. Reflectors are used to ride in low lighting conditions moreover it protects your bikes from scratches. Reflective decals are for the commuters while practicing off the road.

Customized decals: The custom decals are of many types and the difference is the option to customize while making a purchase.

Irrespective of the bike decals you choose, the riders need brand or political decals while other just want to decorate their bikes using playful stickers.

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