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Motorbike Care Tips To Ensure It Lasts Long

Maintaining a motorbike is similar to managing your body. To be physically fit, you ensure you eat healthy and active. Similarly, a motorcycle also has to be adequately maintained so that it lasts longer and does not leave you stranded in the middle of the road, opines an expert on Honda bikes in Bellary. For a bike owner, it is critical to maintain your bike for a smooth ride and also to get better mileage. Moreover, whenever you plan to sell it, you can expect a better valuation on your vehicle and sell it at a higher price.

Tips provided by a leading Honda Showroom in Bellary

  • Clean regularly: It is essential that you clean your motorcycle frequently so that the dust does not accumulate in the corners. When you allow the dirt to sit on the panels for a long time, it can lead to rusting. So it is critical that you wipe it with a cloth often and wash it with water once a week.

  • Below are a few pointers on how to care for your bike.

    • Waxing: You should make sure to wax your bike so that the metal parts do not rust. Moreover, wax prevents water seepage into the corners and gaps, it also retains the original coating of paint and makes it look like new.
    • Rubber care: Many parts of the bike are made of rubber, and they tend to slit when exposed to heat with time. Though the damage to the rubber cannot be stopped, it can be delayed by cleaning it regularly by taking out the grime.
    • Chain lubrication: You should make sure that there is no sand stuck in the chains as it can lead to more rubbing and wears away the parts. These chains should also be oiled so that there is less friction and last long.
  • Don't put a wet bike into a garage: If you bike is wet due to any reason after a ride, you should not put it into an enclosed area which has no circulation. When your bike’s engine is hot from the ride and wet, there will be too much moisture in the bike which can result in rust. So ensure you leave it to dry before you put it in your garage.

  • Air for your tire: It is essential that the air in the type is at the right level so that you get good mileage. A tire with low pressure makes your bike less fuel efficient. Moreover, when the tire pressure is low or high the chances of tire burst is high. Only when you are riding on slippery roads, you should have low pressure so that you get a better grip on the roads.

  • Check the lights: The night lights, indicator lights, and brake lights are essential for not only safety of the bike owner but also of the others. If the headlights are out, that makes it not only difficult for you to drive in unlit areas but also poses a problem to other drivers as they cannot see a bike approaching them. So before you start using it every day ensure that all of them are in working condition.

  • Breaking: The braking system is one of the critical components of a bike as it helps to stop the bike when you want so that you do not collide. The brake pads if not maintained properly will wear out and also dirt can get accumulated in them. Based on the condition of the brake pads you will have to replace them. The other important part is the brake fluid which can get reduced as you use it. The brake fluid will help in keeping the brake pads in good shape, as the fluid reduces there will be more wear out. It is essential that you refill the fluid at least once in two months.

Oil change tips from Honda motorcycles dealers: Changing the engine oil regularly is essential as it aids in keeping the engine healthy. The engine oil ensures that the internal parts work smooth. Care should be taken not only on changing the oil but also to use the best quality oil. Check with the bike showroom on what type of oil should be used, mostly full synthetic or even semi-synthetic engine oil is preferred as it works well in all temperatures.

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