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Motorbike Safety- Tips on driving safe

Riding on a motorbike no doubt is great fun and also ensures you reach your destination quickly but going by the stats of road accidents motorcyclists have lost more lives than car drivers. But despite the weather and road conditions many people still use this mode of transport as the Honda bikes price in Bellary, and other smaller cities are affordable. Many local bodies and other organization conduct awareness drive on safety rules to be followed by motorists.

Drive tips safely by Nandi Honda Bellary:


Who does not like those thrilling rides on a motorbike but if not driven safely you are openly inviting dangers. So while driving you should be extra aware of the surroundings, the weather, etc. and also should have a clear mind and great judgment. To drive safely, you should be able to expect the dangers around the corner and be alert to prevent any injuries. Especially for beginners, it is critical that you know how to change gears, balance as well as judge the situation correctly. These are a few elements that you should know.

Wear protective gear:
You should make sure to wear the right clothing and protective equipment so that you are protected against accidents. Even if you are going for a short distance, you should wear a helmet. Proper protection for long drives should be mandatory with boots, pants, and jackets. If the weather is hot, you should look for clothes which provide a cooling effect. For warm weather conditions, a helmet which is open can be used, and goggles are worn to protect eyes.

Check the conditions:
Before you go on your motorbike, it is advisable that you check the weather so that you can plan your travel accordingly. It is dangerous to drive on wet roads when it has rained heavily, and there are puddles on the road. Also, if you are exposed to the rain it is best you stop till it slows down as driving is difficult as roads are not visible. If the weather is too hot even then a motorbike driver faces issues. Ensure that the weather is conducive to riding on a motorbike.

Check the mirrors:
Mirrors on a motorbike have a purpose other than setting your hair. It is present so that you check and then make turns, speed up or slow down. To cross check and also to avoid blind spots you should give a quick glance to the sides to make sure the coast is clear. But before you get onto your bike, you should adjust the mirrors so that they point to what is happening behind you.

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Do you know how to ride a bike:
Many people think that they know how to ride a bike well, but they can’t. It is thus critical that you assess your capabilities and then choose the road in which you take your motorbike out for a ride. Buy or rent a bike that suits your height and personality. Sometimes the weight of the bike may be too much for you, your feet does not reach the ground when seated, or the handle is too far away for your comfort. Also, when you are a beginner you should choose roads that are easy and familiar to you, then your attention will be on driving and not on missing the way.

Valid license:
A valid license is mandatory to drive on the streets, it is also an acknowledgment of your road safety skills. Ensure that you have a valid license to operate the vehicle, that way you will know all the rules of the road.

Vehicle type:
Apart from your driving skills, even the motorcycle that you own translates to how well you drive. If the vehicle you have does not fit you well, despite being a good driver, you will be in trouble. The motorbike that you buy should be sturdy enough to handle varied road conditions be it a small lane or on a highway.

Follow traffic rules:
Following all the safety rules will protect you from accidents. You should also ride at the speed limit mentioned so that you can take preventive measures. Staying alert at all times and using appropriate signals and indicators are also a must.

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