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Importance of Insurance

The Indian Motor Vehicle Act of 1988 states it is mandatory for every two-wheeler to have a valid insurance plan. While the rule of law is one reason to get your vehicle insured, there are many other equally important factors. The most vital of them being the protection of yourself from all and any third party liability costs. Let us , the reliable Hero Showroom in Bellary,Nandi Honda,help you with your two wheeler insurance. We have expert contact personnel to help you with the documentations.

Let’s take an example to understand the imperative of insurance. Say a person is involved in an accident while driving his dream superbike. He or she has not insured the vehicle. In such an incident, every cost would have to be borne by them. From the repair of the bike to any injury to self or third party, every penny has to be paid by the person. The same applies if in case there is a loss of life. The liability cost towards the third party has to be paid by the person.

An alternate scenario would be one where the person has insured the bike. In such a case, the cost of damage and injury to self or another person will be borne by the insurance company. There is no doubt that the second scenario is the better option. The financial burden is just part of it. Without insurance a person can face losing the license, paying steep fees and/or be legally charged for the accident. Vehicle insurance will save you from all these troubles. This makes getting your two-wheeler insured imperative.

Since driving a two-wheeler is considered riskier when compared to a car, the insurance premium is less than the total insured sum. It is assumed that operating a bike exposes the rider to more dangers than one driving a car. This means a two wheeler insurance covers:

  • The risk to self-injury
  • The risk of vehicle damage or loss
  • Third party liability

Benefits of Insurance

Getting your two-wheeler insured gives you the following advantages:

  • A feeling of security because you are protected against natural disasters and human-made calamities.
  • Your legal interest is secured.
  • Discounts and perks.

Insurance renewal

At Nandi Honda Showroom, we are with you from the start of the insurance process until the very end. As the one-stop destination for your entire bike needs, we offer the best insurance policies for your two-wheeler. Our plans provide an iron-clad protection to the bike and the owner. We keep up to date with new schemes and benefits to ensure you get the best deals, service and financial advantage.

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