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Nandi Honda’s guide to prepare for a Motorcycle Adventure


Riding a Honda motorcycle can be a very refreshing experience. The fresh air hitting your face and the atmosphere syncing in along the ride can make it a heavenly experience. A ride on the Honda bike is enough to calm your mind and energize you entirely. Today Motorcycles have become the most affordable and convenient means of transport. Motorbikes these days are populating every part of the world. Honda Bike dealers in Bellary are one of the most famous Honda bike dealer showrooms in India having a good number of sales. There are different kinds of motorcycles and each rider having their tastes and preferences can pick the bike of their choice according to their requirements. So pick the Honda bike of your choice and hit the road to see the sun smiling at you.

Nandi Honda Bellary presents the features of long motorcycle drive:


Easy: Bike is the most comfortable mode of transport. You can conveniently ride your way through the congested area and even find a quick parking slot for your two-wheeler.

Fuel: Motorcycles are known for its effective utilization of fuels making it fuel efficient which means a lower cost is spent on refilling.

Speed: Once you are a biker, speed becomes your passion. With motorcycles, the speed is just the sound of vroom. The powerful engine enables you to do it even better.

Things You Need for Long Drive


Helmet: For any ride, a bikers most essential requirement is the Helmet. This protects or cushions your head from getting hurt in times of unexpected falls.

Saddlebags: They fit quite comfortably in your motorcycle and the most useful thing as it lets you carry your essential requirements easily.

Gloves: The cover for your hands protects your hands from the dust and debris that gets attracted during the long rides.

Nandi Honda Dealer’s Important points to remember


Bike- It is the hero of the whole tour; however a lot of people fail to check the condition of the bike. So ensure to hand over your Honda bike for a service to check if everything is in order before you set on your long tour. This will make sure that your ride is successful without any technical difficulties.

Clothing: Never guess around the weather during your biking tours. Always carry the right and necessary clothing to avoid discomfort during the ride.

Don’t Overdo: In a biking tour, this is a fundamental rule. Never try to cover too much in a day. You can do only as much as you can. Overdoing only spoils the rest of days of biking tour for you. Always try to be reasonable about the places that you be covering during the rides.

Route: Plan exciting tours with your Honda bike to make the entire ride exciting. Do your assignment well before you start the trip. This way you can plan those routes which would let you enjoy your adventure tour effectively and efficiently.

Camera and Friends: Unless you prefer some time alone with your bikes, I am sure you all would require friends to enjoy the adventure together. At the same time, it is always safer to travel with friends around when you are planning an adventure tour. Pack your cameras without fail, Memories last forever, and the only way of reminiscing them would be a right image.

Pack foods & Drinks: The rides could leave you exhausted .Therefore it is essential to pack sufficient drinks and few energy boosters to keep you fit for the trip further.

Nandi Honda Bellary- handling Breakdowns:

Breakdowns are unexpected accidents for any vehicles which includes even the two-wheelers. Therefore know the reasons for failures to manage the breakdown better. This will avoid you getting stranded midway. Keep your tools intact for the emergency working of disruptions. Call for help and never hesitate to ask people around to assist you. Once you have decided to go for an extended tour, read some referrals and enjoy your ride to the maximum.

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