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Motor accidents can lead to serious injuries and at times turns fatal. Honda Bike Dealers In Bellary provides motorcycle safety solutions for the welfare of the riders. The internet is rife with information on how to prevent motor accidents and the use of safety gears. Motorbike riding can be adventurous and fun as long as you follow the rules and give priority to safety features and accessories. It is the responsibility of the rider to drive safe. The alarming rate of accidents has gone to prove the necessity on safety lessons. Strictly adhering to road safety rules can prevent unpleasant situations and make your ride enjoyable.

Stay focused, says Nandi Honda Bike Dealer


While riding a bike discipline is very important. All necessary safety precautions have to be taken while riding. Accident report reveal that bad driving and lack of safety gears is the reason for accidents. While riding a bike ensure put your focus only on the road. Keep your Honda bike in great condition to avoid mishaps or inconvenience during your journey. Say no to alcohol while riding, it is illegal to drive under the influence of liquor as it can leave you and other in risk. Understanding road safety rules and reading the behaviour of other drivers can put you in a safe position while riding a Honda motorcycle.

Highway driving tips


People driving on the highway need to understand the importance of line of sight. Front lights are crucial while driving during day or night time. Similarly the right and left indicators have to be used while turning signals or changing lanes. Do not get close to the rear of big vehicles or at their blind spots. Horn is meant to be used and never be afraid to use it. There are potential hazards on the road and it is advised to give a heed to everything and be watchful. Always ride defensively. Broaden the gap between your vehicle and the one in front of you by several seconds and gauge this depending on your velocity.  

Riding with a pillion passenger

Many people love to share their riding experience and tag along a pillion rider to make the journey fun and exciting. While you have a passenger on your bike, ensure you take utmost safety precautions because you are responsible for their life. First find out if your motorbike is suitable to hold another passenger. Some bikes cannot take in extra load. Adding another rider affects the speed and acceleration of the vehicle. Also consider your bike’s weight limit before taking a passenger with you. Do not take a pillion rider if your bike is not intended for passengers.

Safety Gears Are Life Savers, says Nandi Honda motorcycle showroom

  There are dime a dozen motorcycle safety gears and it is not just restricted to the ones listed below:

•        Helmets: These headgears helps to protect riders from head injuries during the time of accidents. The helmet you choose should be snugly and fit perfectly. Always invest in a new branded helmet. Used helmets would have be exposed to wear and tear and their safety quotient would have diminished to a great extent. There are related accessories like full face shields, goggles, communication devices and sunglasses to add to the helmet, both for safety and style.

•        Crash bars: These can be attached to the front or rear of the bike. Crash bars saves the vehicle from damage during hits. These bars also help from preventing gas spills during a crash.

Focusing on the traffic is a good idea to prevent being mangled. Moreover, you can improve your safety standards by closely watching other vehicles. Before starting your ride make sure the Honda bike is in good shape for the road. Many accidents can be prevented if you follow the traffic rules and learn discipline driving. Learn road etiquettes and follow riding techniques. Ignorance can be fatal, therefore get all the information from experienced riders or from the internet to navigate the streets safely and peacefully.

For many riding a Honda motorcycle is a liberating experience and fun. But remember there are other people on the road and their safety is in your hands. Therefore improve your riding skills by keeping in mind yours and others’ safety. Apart from the rider learning safety rules, it is also important for the passengers to understand the value of safety and enjoy the ride.

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