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Nandi Honda (Honda Dealer) In Bellary Talks About Two Wheeler Insurance


The best Honda motorcycle showrooms in Bellary - Nandi Honda, says that two-wheeler insurance claims are often rejected. Claiming insurance is never an ideal situation. It is often the cause of confusion, stress, and anxiety. This pressure can increase even further if the claim is not approved. One can be as meticulous as possible when filing the complaint with all the necessary documents like policy number and yet a minor mistake can lead to rejection. Today, we talk about five reasons on why insurers deny a claim.

Honda Dealer's Top 2 reasons for Insurance Claim Denial


Experts at Honda motorcycle showroom suggest that the top reason insurance claim is not approved is the repair of the bike. After an accident, the first thought in the mind of a Honda bike owner is to get it repaired. Most people take the two-wheeler to a garage and then think about informing the insurance firm for a settlement. This is one of the commonest mistake individuals make. After a Honda bike is repaired by the owner, it gets tough for the insurance company to judge the level of damage it sustained and the cost of it. Therefore, do not get your two-wheeler repaired. Let the insurance company see it, evaluate the price of repair and then get you the best deal for it.

The second and relatively regular reason for claim rejection on a two-wheeler is the time limit. Most insurance firms say that you have to inform about the accident within two to three days of the incident. If an owner fails to file a claim within the set limit, it is rejected. Since people tend to procrastinate when it comes to hard work, few people register the claim within the specified time. Another reason your two-wheeler might not get insurance claim is driving after the fact. Insurers say that if a bike, with a damaged engine, is operated after the accident, then judging the actual damage is very hard. Therefore, they reject insurance claim.

Two Uncommon Reasons For Rejection Of Insurance


Honda showrooms in Bellary say that there are two other reasons that are unusual yet the cause of insurance rejection all the time. The first one is the wrong name on the policy. This one applies to bikes that are bought second hand. When buying a used two-wheeler, it is important to transfer the insurance policy from the previous user to the present owner of the bike. Most people tend to forget this and therefore, in case of an accident they are unable to claim insurance. All policies that are under the name of a previous owner are considered as invalid by companies. Hence, one cannot use them to settle a claim.

The second bizarre and atypical reason for insurance claim being denied is a driving license that has lapsed. Each driving license is valid for a specific period. After this period ends, it has to be renewed. If a two-wheeler owner is in an accident while the license is not valid, then any claim that is filed with the insurance firm is considered useless. Thus, it is advised to check that the driving license is valid regularly. One should get it renewed as close to the expiry date as possible.


One Very Valid Reason For No Insurance Settlement - Notes from Bellary’s Top Honda Dealer


Till now all the reasons that have been talked about are based on a technicality and as such are not significant issues caused by the driver of the two-wheeler. The last reason insurance companies deny a claim, which we discuss here, is drunk driving. Bike owners tend to hide the fact that they were under the influence of alcohol when the accident occurred. But lying is an action in futility, notably if the crash resulted in the hospitalisation of a person. The hospital records will prove that the owner was drunk while driving. This will lead to a rejection of settlement claim.   Insurance is essential for every vehicle. It saves you from a lot of unaccounted costs. But, one has to remember that it does not make the Honda bike bulletproof. Therefore, drive safely and if you meet with an accident be as honest as possible with the insurance firm.

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