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Follow Traffic Rules Says Honda Motorcycle Dealers In Bellary


Riding bikes on roads is a common activity and people especially youngster go crazy on it. Riders should keep in mind that a lot of safety measures should be taken when they go for a bike ride. This is because a negligent driving can lead to injury or even fatal accidents. It really a challenging task to drive bikes under heavy traffic. Make sure that you follow the traffic rules so that you can avoid accidents. The following safety tips suggested by Honda bike dealer in Bellary would be useful for bikers and it would ensure the safety of their own lives and the lives of others on the road.


It is vital that bikers are aware of the traffic rules so that they can drive safely on any road. Honda Dealers in Bellary strongly believes that following traffic rules and regulations is the key to safe journey. When you drive your Honda bike, it is essential that you concentrate on you’re driving and look straight ahead of the way. See that you maintain some sufficient gap between the other vehicles which is on the move or to the vehicles that have been parked. This helps in avoiding unnecessary crashes. Maintain an average speed as this can help to prevent accidents due to over speed. The biker should be patient enough when they encounter an intersection on the road. Make sure that you offer the right signal and proceed in the way of your choice. Make use of the horn as and when it is required. The right use of horn would help other riders to know that you’re behind them.

Say No to Drink and Drive, advices Nandi Honda Dealer Bellary Not To Offensive Driving


It is always safe that you avoid reckless drive on roads with your bike. Offensive driving is risky and can result in crashes. So avoid offensive driving so you can be safe on roads. It is always good to practice defensive driving as it offers greater control of your vehicle.

Check your Bike Lighting


It is necessary that you set up proper lighting equipment on your bike so that it would be easy for you to drive bike during nights. In the dark, the powerful lights from your bike can help you to know about the upcoming vehicles and also others would notice you. See that you install headlight of power not less than 10 watts. Reflectors also help a great deal in avoiding accidents. Reflectors attached on the front, and back wheels can assist in preventing bike accidents.

Wear Helmets : A safety helmet is an essential driving accessory that helps in avoiding head injury in case of accidental fall from the bike. There are various models of helmets but make sure that the helmet is of high quality and it covers your head entirely. The helmets that you choose should be of the right fit so that the helmet does not fall off during a crash. Helmets help a great deal in reducing the impact of the head injury.

Be Attentive : Riding a bike is not that easy as you expect it to be. It involves a lot of decision making and personal awareness to know what is going around. You must be attentive and avoid thinking about other things when you're riding so that you can prevent accidents. You must be capable of judging what other riders would do on the road. This would enable you to take quick decisions. Stay alert throughout your driving and this would help in avoiding accidents

Inspect Your Bike regularly, says Honda Bike Dealers in Bellary

You can inspect your bike and check for the basic functionalities before you take it out for a ride. Make sure that the brake pads are in good condition. Have look at the wheels and check for punctures if any. Make sure that you service your bike on a regular basis so that you can sort out the mechanical problems. Riding bike is an absolute fun, but it is essential that your little bit cautious about your safety on the road. Basic knowledge of the road signs and traffic rules can help in avoiding accidents. Thus riders must follow the above safety tips so that they can stay safe on the road when driving a bike.

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