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List Of Bikes Available At Honda Bike Showroom In Bellary


Nandi Honda Dealer’s Comprehensive Guide To Choose the best Motorcycle  

As there are a lot of alternatives available to the customers, it is always a difficult and a challenging job to choose the best motorbike.

Honda bike dealer showrooms in Bellary displays a number of motorbikes to the customers who are allowed to test ride these vehicles as well. The following are some kinds of bikes explained in detail.

Cruiser motorbike : Initially the customer has to decide on what type of bike he/she is looking for. Since there are almost eight different styles of motorbike available in the town like dual-sport, motorbikes, dirt bike, cruiser, standard, touring, sport-bike, sport-touring, scooter, etc. we have to choose which one will be more suitable and convenient. In recent times riders pick Harley Davidson motorbikes as their first choice because of its popularity. But the cruisers, which are also extremely popular does not make to the list. These bikes are expensive, heavy and cause minor spills.

Touring motorbike : These bikes are designed generally for travelling long distances. These bikes include Honda Goldwing and BMW K1200. They are expensive, heavy and strong and require substantial skills for riding which makes it unsuitable for new riders.

Nandi Honda’s Adventure Biking Experience


Sports motorbike :  These bikes are also referred to as crotch-rockets. The sport bikes have high speed and are performance efficient. They are light-weighted with attractive colours and are immediate. The capacity of its engines ranges between 600cc and 1000cc. These bikes can speed up from 0 to 60 mph in just 3.5 seconds. It is 99% faster compared to other sport cars. The riders must handle these bikes carefully because of its speed and lightness.

Dirt motorbikes : These bikes are designed specifically for off-road riding. The suspension and tread pattern elements of dirt bikes do not coincide with the elements of street bikes. These bikes are not suitable for highway travels.

Dual-sport motorbike : These bikes are designed for all average off-road surfaces and are generally handled to meet highway speeds. When bikers/riders wish to travel to the Northern tips of Alaska, the dual-sport bike is always the right choice to them as it runs well in off-road conditions. Kawasaki KLR650 is a dual sport bike known for its popularity among the masses.

Difference between Bikes and Scooters


Standard motorbike : These bikes are the traditional and the standard ones people possessed in the early 1970’s. Standard motorbikes are upright and are available at reasonable price. These bikes are always the best choice and suits best for all starters.

Scooters :  The traditional 50cc mopeds manufactured during the 1970’s have become outdated. New scooters with 650cc engines are manufactured largely in the recent times to update to the changing conditions. They contain automatic transmissions. Some of its special features are:

  • High speeds up to 100 mph.
  • Speeding from 0 to 60 mph in less than 5 seconds.

The Honda Silver Wing 650 scooters have excellent components and outstanding features and thus they are highly recommended to all customers

Things We Have To Keep In Mind While Buying A Honda Bike in Bellary

Choice of the motorbike- Since there are a lot of alternatives available in choosing a bike; we have to ensure to choose the right ones which are comfortable and less expensive.

Riding experience- It is important for every biker to have adequate knowledge and high levels of experience in riding / driving. The riders must handle the bikes carefully without causing any trouble or accidents. They have to ride in accordance to the power capabilities of the bike.

Price of the motorbike- The price of various bikes differs and varies according to its features and it becomes important to choose the best ones which meet our budgets. Besides the original cost of the bike, there are also other expenses that will be incurred while purchasing a bike, like the license plate fee, insurances etc.

Where to purchase the motorbike- The motorbike can be bought from a dealer or a private vendor in the town. The price will depend on various factors like the demand and supply. When we purchase it from a dealer, it will be costly as it involves monthly payments and interests. Look in for a bike with the best price and purchase them accordingly.

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