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Nandi Honda (Bellary Bike Dealers) Buyers Guide : Cars Vs Motorcycles


Motorcycles have always been fun riding. Motorbike indicates Freedom. It is the most convenient mode of transport, not dependent on anything. With no benchmark to the ever-increasing fuel prices, efficient transportation is the key to sustain the fuel prices. Honda motorcycle showrooms & dealers in Bellary say that with the ever-increasing maintenance cost of cars, the economic model of alternative transports is the bikes. Motorcycles are that mode of transportation which provides the key to survive the fuel prices. They not only cost you less for fuels, but they also have less cost of operation and lower cost of insurance making it the ultimate transport cost saver.

Nandi Honda Bellary highlights the Advantages :

  • Low cost of maintenance.
  • Easy availability of parking slots
  • Easy moment through heavy traffics
  • More burdensome road taxes for four wheelers
  • Time-saving Connecting with nature

Biking Culture in Nandi Honda Motorcycle Dealer in Bellary :


Since Motorcyclists enjoy better parking slots and the feel of air while traveling, you find that a lot of bikers seem to enjoy the ride. When you are planning to take a road trip on your Honda bike, you are sure to find a big road bike culture awaiting you. Honda Bike lovers with their bag pack roaming with passion. There are a lot of motorbike clubs, bars, hotels, and motels just for these passionate bikers. When you decide to patronize the bikers, you are sure to enjoy the wind hitting your face being the part of the society. The bike you want is your choice depending on the affordability. It could be as basic as possible or as flashy as it can be. Get the one you wish with Honda Bike Showroom Dealers in Bellary. Once you are comfortable with your Honda bike, you need to vroom past everyone having passed the particular license test.

Safety Measures from experts at Nandi Honda dealer in Bellary


Once you have decided to ride the bikes, you should consider the following safety measures before you begin your training or biking.

  1. Wearing the helmet: This is the first and foremost rule to be complied before getting on the bike. The helmet would cushion your head from hitting hard objects in case of unexpected accidents. The helmet rule has come in almost all states of India.
  2. Stay off rural roads: Rural roads are unpredictable. There are no traffic rules written for the rural areas. You may find people crossing the streets along with their cattle just like that. However, this rule is applicable for the beginner who is yet to have good control over his bike.
  3. Don't drink and drive: This rule is a known rule. Drinking and driving are dangerous to not only you but also the humans and animals walking on the road. This particular way of driving is an offense across the world.
  4. Be careful going around turns: Turns again are unpredictable, you would not be able to view what’s ahead of you until you make the turn. Therefore be very careful while going around corners.
  5. Stay off undivided roads: Undivided roads will never be able to show you the distance between the vehicles clearly. This would mean danger when you are not used to such undivided roads.
  6. Don't speed: Speeding is just a style. Consistent and good riding is what that makes a biker an efficient one. Speeding instills fear among the people on roads. The biker eventually loses controls when speeding unnecessarily.
  7. Don't drive at night: Driving at night is dangerous because there is not much light around. Therefore identifying the objects and people during night times becomes difficult.
  8. Brake and steer in emergencies; the general tendency of a driver is to keep moving even in case of emergencies. However, the lesson to brake and steer in case of emergencies will solve a lot of issues. This lesson is to be mainly learned even before beginning to ride around on the nearby roads.
  9. Training: Learn to ride the bike efficiently even before setting your foot on the bike. Most of the accidents happen to bikers who have been trained for less than even five months. Therefore equip yourself well before beginning your biking expedition.

Nandi Honda’s Conclusion with Facts:


Considering all the facts placed above, we know why the motorcycles have replaced the Motorcars to become the best mode of transport. Due to comfort and affordability, the number of bikes has increased in the past few years only to rise further in the future.

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